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Urban Air Mobility: Systematic review of scientific publications and regulations for vertiport design and operations

The German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Institute of Flight Guidance, has published a review of publications and regulations for vertiport design and operations.  The abstract says “Due to its novelty, the research of UAM ground infrastructure is widely scattered. Therefore, this paper selects, categorises and summarises existing literature in a systematic fashion and strives to support the harmonisation process of contributions made by industry, research and regulatory authorities.”

Furthermore the abstract continues “Through a document term matrix approach, we identified 49 Scopus-listed scientific publications (2016–2021) addressing the topic of UAM ground infrastructure with respect to airspace operation followed by design, location and network, throughput and capacity, ground operations, cost, safety, regulation, weather and lastly noise and security. Last listed topics from cost onwards appear to be substantially under-represented, but will be influencing current developments and challenges. This manuscript further presents regulatory considerations (Europe, U.S., international) and introduces additional noteworthy scientific publications and industry contributions. Initial uncertainties in naming UAM ground infrastructure seem to be overcome; vertiport is now being predominantly used when speaking about vertical take-off and landing UAM operations.”

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(Image: The German Aerospace Centre)

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