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Ohio publishes Advanced Air Mobility Framework

Ohio, USA says it is releasing the nation’s first advanced air mobility (AAM) framework, developed by the Ohio Department of Transportation, through DriveOhio, the state’s smart mobility hub. This framework DriveOhio says will support, and position Ohio for, anticipated advanced aviation growth throughout the state.

DriveOhio reports “Ohio’s advanced air mobility framework captures the existing advanced aviation ecosystem, Ohio specific activities, route planning considerations, recommendations for establishing vertiports, and provides a strategic map for Ohio to support this emerging industry.

“Three use cases that have the potential to drive transportation efficiency and support a robust new aerospace industry in the State of Ohio are:

  • “Cargo / Freight Delivery: Transportation of heavy cargo, freight, small packages, and on-demand commerce from or between airports, distribution centres, manufacturers, and retailers to consumers. Industries such as logistics transportation and e-commerce can realize significant efficiencies by leveraging advanced aircraft.
  • “Regional Air Mobility: Regularly scheduled or on-demand transportation between cities, more than 50–75 miles apart. Numerous studies found that going by air using advanced aviation for short intra-regional trips (from one city centre to another nearby city centre, or from city centre to rural area) can save time.
  • “Emergency Services: Advanced air mobility vehicles can facilitate an innovative medical services transportation system, including emergency medical evacuations, hospital-to-hospital patient and equipment transportation, organ delivery, and search-and-rescue operations.”

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