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Drone Delivery Canada announce update on Condor trials

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) has successfully trialled various crucial aspects of its largest drone the Condor, says a company press release. The tests include work on its triple-redundant communications system (satellite, cellular, 900MHz RF), navigational guidance and autopilot systems, monitoring of unmanned flights remotely from DDC’s operations control centre in Vaughan, Ontario, and general flight stability and performance as well as fuel consumption.

The company expects to complete further Condor testing in Q4 2020 in preparation for commercialisation.  A Condor unit is also being prepared for future commercial customer operations.  The Company currently has three Condor types.

The unmanned craft has an expected range of 200km and payload capacity of 180kg. It is fully integrated with the company’s own FLYTE software system. DDC has three different sized craft, the Sparrow, Robin and Condor.

Michael Zahra, President & CEO of DDC, said, “While we are delighted with the on-going results of the Condor trials, by the end of 2020 we also expect to have testing on the Robin XL completed.  The Sparrow, Robin XL and Condor all have unique applications based on range and payload capabilities, and we are excited to have all three coming to market.” Adding, “The market response has been very favourable in both Canada and internationally.”

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