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India’s Airbotix announces successful trials of its Airvision drone airship

In a Linkedin post, India’s Airbotix has announced the successful testing of its indigenously developed airship drone, the first of its kind in India, according to the company.

“With its unique design and exceptional capabilities, our airship drone is designed for persistent aerial surveillance for extended duration, making it the ideal choice for inspection and monitoring applications. We are currently developing an autopilot system that will enable our airship drone to fly autonomously for hours while being significantly more efficient than conventional drones. This drone will revolutionize the way aerial surveillance is done, allowing for hours of uninterrupted surveillance in a single stretch.

AirVision is a one-of-a-kind drone combines the benefits of an airship with the maneuverability of a drone, according to the company’s website. “Equipped with high-definition cameras and advanced sensors, this aerostatic drone is perfect for capturing stunning aerial footage and conducting detailed inspections in a variety of industries.”

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