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Wisk and ReD define accessibility recommendations for the Advanced Air Mobility industry

Wisk Aero and ReD Associates, a humanities and social science-based strategy consultancy, have released a whitepaper that explores the AAM industry’s potential for providing safe, fast, and affordable mobility solutions for people with disabilities.

“Despite mobility’s rapid evolution, many forms of transit still face challenges in providing consistent, efficient, affordable, and accessible services, and people with disabilities continue to encounter barriers to mobility” according to the press release. “The rise of Advanced Air Mobility and the development of air taxis for passenger use presents an opportunity to address these barriers and improve the quality of mobility experiences.

“The whitepaper, eVTOL Air Taxis: New Opportunities for Equitable Transport, synthesises the most significant challenges for AAM around creating a valuable and equitable travel experience for everyone, and provides a call to action to mobility providers to place accessibility at the centre of the industry.

“The paper also summarises the research conducted by Wisk and ReD, as well as the key findings. The findings underscore the need for AAM to redefine accessibility and emphasise five distinct levels of accessibility:

  • “Access: Ensuring physical and informational access for people with disabilities in mobility spaces and services
  • “Physical Safety: Addressing concerns related to physical injury, exposure to illness, and discomfort during travel
  • “Emotional Safety: Mitigating the stress and vulnerability experienced during travel, including invasive security checks and interactions with fellow passengers
  • “Equal Expenditure & Efficiency: Streamlining processes and reducing waiting times, energy expenditure, and the need for extensive support
  • “Joy & Inclusion: Promoting the emotional and social aspects of travel, avoiding feelings of isolation and marginalisation.

“Wisk partnered with ReD Associates to investigate how AAM can provide an inclusive mobility experience and develop a whitepaper for the industry. Wisk and ReD undertook a mixed methods study of people with disabilities’ unmet mobility needs and challenges around intra-urban and exurban travel (travel to destinations within and around cities) in line with future AAM use cases.”

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