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A First: Online Sri Lankan company Supiripola delivers medicines by drones to coronavirus quarantined area

According todailynews.lk, Supiripola a leading online goods company in Sri Lanka is catering to the needs of the country’s lockdown community by deploying drones to deliver medicines to the quarantined area of Grandpass and Nagalagam Street.

Over 150 families live in this area. The company used a fleet of drones to deliver crucial medicines under the guidance of the area’s public health officer.

“This is a first for Sri Lanka,” said Mayran Vinoth, Group Chief Technical officer. “Supiripola has developed a drone delivery capability and we now aim to reach out to every corner of our country with the people’s safety and wellbeing our utmost target.”

The delivery of medicines was made on behalf of ‘Omar Qandeel Impact Fund’ which is donating many essential goods to the needy people of Colombo in Multiple locations during the covid-19 pandemic.

“It is common in developed countries to use drones for urgent/emergency deliveries, but this is the first time such a technique was tested in Sri Lanka,” continued Vinoth. “It is a comfort to know that drone delivery can help people receive their crucial medicines under any circumstance, especially during a lockdown situation.”

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