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A must watch video on how drones are helping to combat covid-19 in New Jersey, USA

As part of drone manufacturer DJI’s humanitarian response to the coronavirus pandemic by donating 100 craft to America’s first response teams (police, fire and public safety organisations – please read story below), the drones have been distributed to 43 US agencies in 22 States.

American TV network NBC covered a major story this week about one State, New Jersey (NJ), that is employing these drones to great effect in the small city of Elizabeth. In their news piece (watch video below), news anchor Alison Morris, explains that NJ has over 75,000 confirmed covid-19 cases, the second highest of any State behind New York.

This is a fascinating video that asks awkward questions about privacy. The story begins at 6.18’ and continues on for over 5 minutes.

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