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Draganfly seek to help the coronavirus containment

Draganfly, which has been building drones since 2003, primarily for public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections and mapping and surveying markets, said that drones equipped with special sensors could be used to monitor crowds for signs of fever and other flu symptoms.

The company reports that it’s in ongoing discussions to design and supply unmanned flying drones equipped with a combination of specialized sensors and technology to monitor the presence of symptoms related to coronavirus.

“Airborne infrared sensors can be used to read a person’s facial temperature at 100 yards or even further,” said a Draganfly spokesperson.

Currently, some airports and other entry points are using handheld sensors to detect a person’s temperature and other virus recognition features, but using a drone could reduce the amount of person-to-person contact, suggesting that it might prevent the virus from being transmitted and infecting people doing the detecting.

While Draganfly did not elaborate on when such a solution would be actually deployed, their investors already seem to like the news. The company’s stock is one of the few positive movers in the market recently.

Major agricultural company XAG, as well as leading drone maker DJI , both announced they would employ drones designed for agricultural spraying (usually pesticides and herbicides) to spray disinfectant in potentially affected areas to help contain the coronavirus outbreak.

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