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Quaternium Hybrix 2.1 drone spreading its wings and creating new world records

In Europe, there have been a number of drone startups in recent years including the Spanish company Quaternium. Since the world covid-19 pandemic began, the media have increasingly focussed on these ‘little warriors’ helping to combat the deadly virus.

Quaternium’s mission is to design the most advanced multirotor UAVs and revolutionise the market. This innovation can increase flight duration by 6 times compared to alternatives. The company’s latest development on the back of its previous Hybrix 20 is the Hybrix 2.1. It is a unique multirotor that provides up to 4 hours of operational flight time with only 25 kg MTOW.

According to gpsworld.com, in February the company broke its own record for long flight. Taking off at 08:52 a.m. in Valencia, Spain, it landed again at 17:02 p.m., performing a stationary flight of 490 minutes. This new endurance record of 8 hours and 10 minutes of non-stop flight time was accomplished with the Hybrix 2.1 drone, which carries 25 kilograms of maximum take-off weight. Most multicopter drones provide flight times of 25 to 40 minutes, with the pilot needing to carry multiple batteries into the field.

Quaternium with its marketing line, “A vision of the future, where innovation meets excellence,” has successfully been testing its Hybrix drone to spray disinfectant products in Spain, showing how such technology may serve in critical situations and support public authorities to help end the spread of the virus.

The company has also demonstrated aerial logistics solutions by delivering essential medical help to people in critical situations. Long endurance drones can deliver supplies specifically for covid-19 efforts too, such as masks and gloves to first responders. Hybrix can also distribute medicine to patients who can’t safely get to a pharmacy.

The Hybrix project is supported by the European Union through its Horizon 2020 innovation program. The project has received awards from institutions such as AUVSI, CDTI and the Spanish government.

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