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Madrid “is establishing a UAM commission to oversee eVTOL operations”

UAS Vision and Cities Today report that Madrid City Council is establishing an urban air mobility commission that will oversee the development of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology in the Spanish capital.

According to a Cities Today article: “The commission, which will consist of private and public partners, will explore how the city can work with the national government to establish a framework that can then be replicated by other cities.

“We want to be the leading city in regulating the use of drones and aerial urban mobility, and we hope that this type of mobility will be a reality in Europe three to five years from now,” said Lola Ortiz Sanchez, Madrid’s General Director for Planning and Mobility Infrastructure.

“Airspace is an exclusive competence of the State, but it will have implications at the regional and local levels,” she commented. “The current regulation is very restrictive and prohibits flights in the urban environment. However, new European legislation more appropriate to current needs is expected, which foresees various use cases and will establish a set of requirements for carrying out flights.”

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Madrid’s urban air commission aims to lead on regulation

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