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DRONEDEK to unveil next-generation drone docking station/smart mailbox at CES 2020

DRONEDEK, LLC, is set to unveil its second-generation drone docking prototype at the CES Show January 7-10, Las Vegas, NV.

DRONEDEK’s vision is to develop  a smart mailbox – delivering conveniences such as notifications, heating and cooling, reverse logistics, Bluetooth, streaming video, weather reporting, hazard sensing, marketplace conduit and more – to complete the last mile solution.

DRONEDEK is set to begin taking subscription orders for end users and is also allowing shippers and deliverers to sign on to the platform and in doing so receive an extended free startup period.

Some of the features of the smart mailbox include:

  • communicating GPS information
  • information on any of charging status, takeoff status, or delivery status to one or more parties
  • a system of communication between the drone and the drone docking station
  • a means of locating the drone docking station such that the drone may accurately approach and dock with the drone docking station
  • second phase navigation for guiding a drone into a final landing position on the docking station
  • bluetooth enabled
  • two-way speaker system for real-time communication and for the ability to play programmed music and more
  • docusign compatible allowing for acceptance of registered and certified deliveries.

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