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“Elire plans for more than 2,000 vertiports and off-shore transport hubs” – Simple Flying

Simple Flying reports that Elire Infra has a vision to create an ecosystem of 2000+ mobility hubs by 2040, with many of them off-shore with what Elire calls “Blue Hubs”.  These would eliminate the dangers of climate impact on new infrastructure in locations vulnerable to the rise of sea levels. “They would also allow for the electrification of passenger sea vessels, and, as they are only anchored down, they can be moved according to demand and necessity. The design of the hubs and superstructure, Elire says, will “celebrate the ocean,” while integrating current smart building technology and allowing for future technology integration,” according to the report. The company’s advanced air mobility arm Elire Aero, is looking to retrofit conventional takeoff and landing vehicles (CTOL) and short takeoff and landing vehicles (STOL) with electric propulsion systems, ready for 2024.

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