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EUREKA Project planning Vertiport Collaborative Traffic Management (VCTM) demonstrations December 2024

EUREKA has announced in a social media post that validation & and demonstration activities are planned between December 2024 and March 2025 of its Vertiport Collaborative Traffic Management (VCTM) system which it is working collaboratively on with partners like AENA, ENAIRE, INECO, CRIDA, INDRA, UNIFLY, and PIPISTREL.

EUREKA says its project “aims to enable the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) accommodation in Europe and safe and autonomous UAM operations in all types of airspace with a special emphasis on a key enabler for the UAM operations: the Vertiport. The 3-year project is funded by SESAR3 Joint Undertaking.

“The unique project is set in the controlled airspace between Mallorca and Minorca Islands (Spain). What makes us stand out? We’re located within active airports (LEPA and LEMH). Unlike traditional UAS ATM coordination, we need it whenever a clearance is required, not just in emergencies.

“Our vision includes a Common Information Service platform (CISP) as the central source for all ATM and U-space traffic info. This platform fosters coordination among USSPs, Air Traffic Management, and Vertiport Operators, offering vital data like slot availability, ground services status, V-CDM milestones, and USSP data.

“Our project will use certified unmanned VTOLs for cargo operations to validate Vertiport Collaborative Traffic Management at strategic, pre-tactical, and tactical levels, covering all VTOL flight segments.”

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(Image: EUREKA)

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