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Flight Corp launches new service to allow ANSPs create digital twins of urban airspace

The Flight Corp has announced a teaming arrangement with Unity, which builds and operates interactive, real-time 3D (RT3D) environments, to create digital airspace twins to help air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and airspace stakeholders simulate new operational environments, such as urban air mobility (UAM) eco-systems.

“Virtual airspace management will help ATM scale to meet the massive demand,” said Fadi Ghourani, Vice President of Business Development at The Flight Corp. “Advances in data science, computing power and data visualization open up a whole new set of capabilities for virtual airspace management, and we believe that the future belongs to those leaders that will embrace innovation early and adapt quickly.”

According to Flight Corp, the implementation of a digital twin typically involves replicating the constituent parts of a complex system in a virtual environment. The value of digital twins for organizations ranges from improving productivity and performance to enhancing business outcomes; fundamentally, a digital twin provides an organization with a cohesive platform to interact with and manage with complexity.

“Digital airspace twins allow ANSPs, regulators, new UAS operators as well as traditional aviation stakeholders to collaborate and innovate in real-time; enhancing strategic airspace management, safety and operational performance,” said Flight Corp CTO Alex Sauriol in a Linkedin post. “This new generation of aviation, autonomy and mobility is an opportunity to think about old problems in new ways. And unless 640k means something to you, it’s hard to convey what a trillion-fold increase in compute power feels like as a programmer.”

As well as Unity, Flight Corp partners include Thales, Micronav, Solace, Autonomy Institute, ASSURE, Skyports, DronePrep, Michigan Unmanned Aerial Systems Consortium and UND.

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