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Leonardo and ENAV link to develop future urban air mobility flight concepts

According to a press release, the agreement will allow the partners to develop and supply advanced integrated solutions for both private and public service operators, in Italy and internationally, paving the way for more modern Performance Based Navigation (PBN) navigation procedures. “PBN procedures, carried out through advanced satellite navigation, significantly contribute to air space optimisation delivering greater flight operation safety thanks to greater navigation, approach and landing precision and accuracy, a key enabler particularly in certain weather conditions. PBN is combined or replaces the more traditional land-based radio navigation systems,” says an accompanying press release.

Alessandro Profumo, Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo, said: “With this initiative we confirm our commitment to contribute to Italy’s growth and competitiveness by strengthening a critical infrastructure like our sky as well as the systems and rules regulating its use. We do this by introducing innovation, digitalization and procedures which will come closer and closer to the future ‘urban air mobility’ scenarios, thanks to the continuous modernisation in the field of integration with our expertise in helicopters and the relevant flight safety enabling technologies, air traffic control systems and space technologies.”

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