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Rafael launches integrated C-UAS/UTM urban ecosystem MetroDome

“Metro Dome Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) System enables airspace management capabilities to authorities & entities,” says a company statement. The echosystem is a fully autonomous UTM network which “provides a safe and efficient way to manage the lower airspace, from individual drone to drone fleets flying in the crowded sky, while responding to real-time dynamic events such as air traffic information, no fly zone & flight constrains.

“Powered by field-proven AI algorithms, Metro Dome delivers a dynamic real-time routing, multi-route & fleets optimization, dynamic re-routing, de-confliction with air traffic, max usage of airspace layers, Data driven regulation & live data analysis to unified aerial situational picture, enabling disparate drones to co-exist and avoid dangers and collisions in the same airspace.”

It is compliant with the Europe’s Union’s U-space initiative, says the company.

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