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eVertiSKY unveils blueprint for Levi-Montalcini Foundation Vertiport in Italy

eVertiSKY, a single-source provider of advanced UAM ground space and airspace infrastructure for commercial low-altitude airspace, has unveiled the blueprint for the Levi-Montalcini Foundation Vertiport in Italy.

According to the press release “This initiative concentrates on erecting an elevated vertiport at the Foundation’s Exhibition and Research Centre. As part of its consultative strategy, eVertiSKY is poised to provide its expertise in deploying ground and airspace architecture, hence contributing to sustainable infrastructure planning and UAM activation.

“The design of the Levi-Montalcini Foundation Vertiport prominently features a telescopic elevator and landing platform catering for eVTOL passenger commuters and cargo. eVertiSKY blends biomimicry, solar lighting, and paving materials into the vertiport’s design and construction.  The buildout of the vertiport is set to initiate in 2024 and reach completion by 2025.”

Sandra Formenton, eVertiSKY’s CEO, said that the company’s active engagement in the UAM ecosystem since 2017 has enabled a new airspace layer through their contributions to discussions within NASA, EASA, and EUROCAE UAM working groups.

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(Image: eVertiSKY)

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