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GS E&C launches new range of vertiport designs

In an announcement made during the Drone Show Korea 2024, GS Engineering & Construction (E&C) showed a range of vertiport designs.

“The unveiling comes with the aim of delivering a vertiport total service and solution that covers all aspects of from site acquisition to design, construction, ownership, and operation of vertiports,” said the company is a press statement. “This strategic move underscores GS E&C’s commitment to advancing the vertiport industry, positioning itself as a key player in shaping the future of the urban air mobility (UAM).

“Considering the diverse approaches to urban development, GS E&C designed three distinct types of urban air mobility vertiports: Retrofit, New-Build, and Modular. Each design is tailored to meet specific spatial constraints and functional requirements, showcasing GS E&C’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that seamlessly integrate into diverse urban environments.

“The Retrofit Type integrates the vertiport into existing urban infrastructure, facilities, or sites, while maintaining their original functions. The New-Build Type incorporates a vertiport into the upper levels of newly constructed buildings within various urban development projects. Modular Type facilitates rapid assembly of vertiport on-site in urban environment using standard-sized base unit modules, pre-fabricated in a factory.

“GS E&C is now participating in ‘K-UAM Grand Challenge (GC)’, large-scale demonstration programme led by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (MOLIT) along with LG U+, Kakao Mobility, and Vertical Aerospace as a consortium called ‘UAM Future Team’. As part of the GC1 phase, the demonstration flights of the UAM Future Team are planned for 2024 4Q.”

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