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“More work required on integrating ground and air risks” – UAE/Swedish UAM workshop

Integrating the ground and air risks remains a key challenge for eVTOL infrastructure planners, according to a recent workshop involving the GCAADANS and Dubai Municipality, arranged by the Universities of Linköping and Sharjah and Swedish air navigation service provider LFV.

“Intense discussions over two days covered drone taxis between DXB, Dubai Downtown, and the Palm; optimized deliveries; Contingency/emergency flights with geofencing, and the use of a “Road network in the sky”; as well as hands-on testing of a concept to support Human-AI Interaction for control of the airspace,” according to a Linkedin post from Jonas Lundberg, Professor at Linköping university.

“In the workshop GCAA, DANS, and Dubai Municipality discussed their view on these future developments, and also tried out different routes in the simulator. See the video below for an example of how one drone Taxi route between DXB and the Palm was outlined and simulated, by one of the groups (Note – the Vertiport locations are tentative, and this is not a final route.). In this layered airspace, the drone taxi route is placed above the drone delivery “roads-in-the sky” network.

“To conduct these workshops, to explore this possible future, we used an interactive simulator for urban air mobility – UTM CITY, and additional technology from Cognible AI Sweden. It was developed at Linköping University, with expert input from LFV, and optimization expertise from Sharjah University. The Swedish side of this project was funded by VINNOVA.”

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