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Skyportz unveils waterfront vertiport concept design for Melbourne

Skyportz, Contreras Earl Architecture and Pascall+Watson Architects have released a concept for an Australian waterfront e-mobility hub at the World Air Taxi Congress in San Francisco.

“The proposal will replace an existing heliport on the Yarra River in Melbourne, with a new purpose built vertiport to accommodate the introduction of clean, quiet, electric air taxis” according to the press release.

“Under this plan the site would also be a multi modal hub for electric scooters, bikes, ferries and hire boats. A cafe would provide an area for people to view the action.”

“We have been developing designs and concepts for vertiports for five years and we keep coming back to waterfront sites being the most practical to retrofit cities for Advanced Air Mobility. The reality is that waterfront sites provide the safest access for electric air taxis in terms of aviation requirements for clear approach and departure paths”, said Skyportz CEO, Clem Newton-Brown.

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(Image: Skyportz, Pascall Watson, Contreras Earl Architects)

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