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Skyway publishes its “first fully rendered 3D vertiport concept”

Skyway has posted on social media its first fully rendered 3D Vertiport concept. The company says this is the first of many visuals that represent practical vertiport operations in a real-world application and that these detailed renders not only offer a glimpse into the real-time progress of urban aviation infrastructure but highlight Skyway’s commitment to accurately representing vertiport use cases while maintaining “the wondrous nature of ultramodern technology.”

“Inspiration and awe can only take us so far in this new frontier of technology. At Skyway, every curiosity is pursued with a rigorous effort in practical application, research, and design. Execution of an advanced disruptive infrastructure within a timeline reminiscent of the Apollo space missions will test not only our resolve but industry, government, and community, to bring forth an industrial evolution that will change transportation for generations to come” said Clifford Cruz, Skyway Founder and CEO.

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(Image: Skyway)

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