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EHang concludes showcase flights in four Japanese cities

EHang has announced on social media that it has “just wrapped up” its flight tour hitting four Japanese cities Nobeoka, Awaji, Kasaoka, and Kurashiki.

The company says it was showcasing aerial sightseeing, aerial logistics, island hopping, and emergency rescue missions and is “thrilled to see more passengers enjoying the pilotless flight with us!”.

“So far, we’re proud to have expanded our footprint to 11 cities across Japan, exploring a diverse range of applications” the post continues. “Last year, EHang became a member of Japan’s PPC for AAM, a collaborative platform uniting global stakeholders from public and private sectors on adopting flying vehicles in Japan. We’re honoured to be the only pilotless eVTOL provider among the 56 PPC members.”

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(Image: EHang)

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