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Volocopter preparing for launch at Paris Olympics

Volocopter is focused on its commercial launch in Paris planned for summer 2024 and “aims to see these plans flourish in the French capital.”

“We went. We tested. We’ll fly there for real” the company says in a blog. “We announced our plans to launch electric air taxi services in multiple target megacities across the globe early on. Our overarching goal is still to see our VoloCity air taxi take to the skies (or, more specifically, the lower airspace) first, before any other UAM competitor flies an eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) commercially in the western hemisphere. In short: we want to do this in Paris by 2024.”

The company says it has reasons to succeed and outlines its plans in a blog to make its Paris vision a reality by working closely with key partners, public flights at the Paris Air Show and a public education campaign.

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(Image: Volocopter)

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