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Swedish drone services signs “largest ever” global agreement with telecom company

Swedish drone services GLOBHE has signed the “largest ever” global agreement with a world leading telecom company.  The firm tweeted this week, ”The deal could be one of the largest drone services contracts executed to date and the reach of the program could provide communities across the globe with their first opportunity to benefit from commercial drones.”

GLOBHE will provide telecom site inspections by drones in up to 30 countries, “From Norway in the north to South Africa in the south,” says a press release.

Deploying drones within the telecom field is increasing in importance. As sensors, AI, and drone automation technology improve, so the quality of drone data within telecom provides major efficiencies as well as improvements in worker safety.  For example, Florida Power and Light announced recently it will use such inspections to protect the power grid after hurricanes and major storms.

The release goes on, “Instead of using traditional methods, such as climbing the telecommunications towers, which is less efficient, provides limited data sets, and comes with certain risks; drones will now be surveying the towers to ensure uninterrupted, high quality communication services to citizens worldwide.”

And Helena Samsioe, GLOBHE CEO, comments, “Drones offer a quick, safe, and environmentally friendly way of capturing high quality reality data with crucial insights – ultimately leading to less risks, less outages, and less costs for the client and society in general.”

She continues, “GLOBHE is well positioned to perform global inspections through our Crowd-droning platform connecting over 3,700 professional drone pilots in over 70 countries to fly missions on demand.”

The drones are to be deployed for on-going service and maintenance inspection, as well as filming damages from “sudden onset changes” such as natural disasters, to ensure access to communications in affected and remote areas.

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