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Drone noise an irritant? Delivery system drops packages from 150 ft by tether

A major public criticism is the noise drones make, that of a swarm of bees, and the thought of delivery craft buzzing up to their doorstep with propellers whirling dangerously close, reports

A U.S Los Angeles-based company, A2Z Drone Delivery, has created a craft named the RDS1 (Rapid Delivery System 1), that incorporates a remotely-operated hexacopter that’s equipped with a motorised reel of Kevlar cord. At the end of that tether is an elastic fabric pouch that can hold a payload weighing up to 2 kg.

The RDS1 then drops packages on reaching its destination via free-fall, but doesn’t allow them to hit the ground. For while the drone remains hovering at an altitude of 150 ft, it then releases the brake on its tether reel, allowing the payload pouch to freely fall through the air. Shortly before striking the ground, the reel brake is then gently applied, slowing the payload’s descent to a stop.

This functionality is made possible by a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor that measures exactly how far the craft is from the ground.

The RDS1 reel system

After a customer retrieves the package, the now-empty pouch is reeled back up to the copter. If needed, the client can also place a package of their own in the pouch, for delivery to another address. The drone then continues on its way.

The system is intended not only to spare clients from the noise and potential danger of a low-hovering drone, but allays the craft from wasting time and battery power with maneuvering around obstacles like tree branches or power lines.

RDS1’s free-fall component also saves time and power, compared to those where the tether reel motor slowly lowers the payload.

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