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Covid-19: Newcastle FC legend Tino Asprilla helps fight by delivering condoms via drone

This is not a belated April Fool. The story is actually true. The dailymail.co.uk, reports that former Newcastle footballing legend, Tino Asprilla, has pledged to help the coronavirus fight by delivering 3.5 million condoms via drone to help appease the present global shortage, just weeks after promising to give away one million for free.

After hanging up his boots in 2004, the Colombian footballer moved into the sexual health field and then launched his own company and range of condoms in his homeland ten years later.

And now the maverick former striker has found a novel way of delivering them to unequipped lovers by deploying a fleet of drones. The former player tweeted a picture of a craft carrying one of his unmistakable condoms given they are adorned with his face.

According to the world’s biggest producer, Malaysia’s Karex Bhd, a global shortage of rubbers is looming. The company makes one in every five condoms globally, but they have not produced a single one from its three factories for more than a week due to a lockdown imposed by their government to halt the spread of coronavirus.

That’s already a shortfall of 100 million condoms, normally marketed internationally by famous brands such as Durex, supplied to state healthcare systems like Britain’s NHS or distributed by aid programmes such as the UN Population Fund. Asprilla is even offering a “two-for-one” promotion and helpfully shared a link to his website for purchasers.

He tweeted: “This quarantine due to coronavirus is not a good thing. I have a lot of condoms left in the company and I want people to help me use them… because it is very difficult for me to use them all! I only have 3,580,000 condoms left. Until we can re-open the factory we are not going to produce any more. To help the population I intend to give away a box of condoms as a gift for the purchase of a box of three.’

Unfortunately, the restrictive Columbian drone laws may partly prohibit Asprilla’s noble intentions.

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