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Ireland: Manna Drone Delivery to air-drop Christmas lights during lockdown

Manna, the Irish drone delivery company founded by Bobby Healy, is preparing to air-drop Christmas lights to Ireland’s homes, as millions risk being trapped in lockdown during the upcoming festive period, reports telegraph.co.uk.

Manna who last week began drone delivery grocery trials for Tesco and has previously partnered with Just Eat for air-dropped takeaways, has struck a deal with Ireland’s major DIY store, Woodie’s, to deliver decorations across the country over the Christmas period.

CEO, Bobby Healy, said, “When you think we will most likely be in lockdown right around the time people want to decorate their houses, we’ll now be a solution for that.” He said the service would mean people could obtain Christmas lights “within a three minute flight time instead of the next day.”

Healy’s comments come amid growing concerns over whether Covid-19 rates will be brought down before Xmas. Shoppers who could face another lockdown in UK cities rushed to shops over the weekend to purchase Christmas gifts before new restrictions may come into force.

Back in March, Manna said the company could organise 2,000 drone flights per day, if emergency legislation was introduced to open up air space and if it was able to scale up its fleet with fresh investment. Healy stated that around 40,000 drones would be needed to help every part of Ireland.

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(New Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk)

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