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Flock pledges UKP10,000 of free drone insurance for companies combatting Covid-19 response

UK-based insurtech firm ‘Flock’ is joining the fight against coronavirus.  The company has pledged UKP10,000 of free drone insurance to pilots working on covid-19 crisis response.

dronelife.com reports that In a welcome humanitarian show of additional industry support, Flock CEO, Ed Leon Klinger, writes the company will also offer round-the-clock customer support for the duration. Flock is also allowing customers to freeze their annual policies during the crisis, in support of businesses whom have taken a hit due to the numerous global shutdowns. “If business is quieter than normal and you’re not flying, you shouldn’t have to pay for insurance that you’re not using,” writes Klinger.

Drones have been used in various ways during the crisis from delivering medicines and supplies to quarantined areas, spraying disinfectant in public places to controlling social distancing and the world lockdown by the use of messages and warnings via the use of attached loudspeakers.

If you are a pilot interested in learning more about how to help, AIRT and DRONERESPONDERS have started a covid-19 task force.

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