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UAE: Plans to deploy drones to light up dark accident sites

The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence is researching the potential of deploying drones to light up pitch-black accident sites, reports the khaleejtimes.com. Recently, the team carried out an experiment to see how this innovation could work. Lt-Col Omar Salem Al Shehhi, Head of the Research Group explained, “The experiment took about three minutes with the drone flown at a height of 40 metres.”

They found that the drone light can cover 4,500 to 8,000 sqm, where no batteries are required for the actual light source. Lt-Col Al Shehhi added, “The drone is also safe and can easily move from one place to another.”

Brig Mohamed Ibrahim Al Ameri, deputy director-general of Abu Dhabi Civil Defence, explained good lighting at accident sites can improve rescue teams to perform their duties. The brightness ratio for this kind of lighting can go up to 1,000 lumens, plus the drone can be controlled from a distance of close to 500m.

The experiment is part of the first response efforts to use the latest technologies to continuously improve emergency response. Brig Al Ameri continued, “It falls within the framework of encouraging the application of advanced modern systems to achieve the highest levels of safety.”

Drones are also being deployed in the UAE to assist fire-fighters. Attached cameras can detect the exact source of a fire, allowing the first responders to quickly put it out. More sophisticated drones have been trialled to extinguish fires by discharging foam into the blaze.

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(News Source:  https://www.khaleejtimes.com)

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