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Drone Q Robotics completes “important milestone in offshore cargo delivery”

DroneQ Robotics, providers of unmanned robotics technology to ports, off shore energy sector and industry reports that it has successfully completed a drone delivery flight between Den Helder, Netherlands and the Isle of Texel – “an important milestone” the company says “in the context of the development and test process of the Long Distance Cargo Drone Network project.”

DroneQ Robotics says the project, with cooperative partners AirHub, DHSS and Phoenix-Wings GmbH, “is aimed at the transport of medicines and medical supplies, documents, tools and instruments to and from Offshore installations, while supporting the pursuit of climate neutrality.

“In collaboration with AirHub in the METIP project Long Distance Cargo Drone Network, the company carried out an important test on 18 August 2022 by delivering a water sample from Huisduinen to the NIOZ research centre on Texel with a cargo drone from Phoenix Wings. The primary goal was to test the connectivity systems and the self-developed camera systems.

“The 15-minute flight from the Huisduinen mainland to the Isle of Texel was flown entirely on 4G with a radio connection as a backup.”

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(Image: DroneQ Robotics)

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