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FlightOps integrates drone mission control with business processes

By Arie Egozi

Israeli company FlightOps says it has solved the problem of integrating drone mission operating software with complex business processes.

Sahy Levi the company’s CEO told Urban Air Mobility News: “Commercial drones are becoming a commodity but there is a fundamental problem: they lack a framework that allows them to all work together – which means they cannot function as an efficient part of a larger business process.”

Today, most commercial drone businesses comprise manually-operated single drones flying visual line of site services.

“The FlightOps drone operating system is the only system in Israel and among the few in the world, certified by the civil aviation authority to fly multi–drones, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and in an urban scenarios. The operating system enables the management of multiple commercial delivery drones integrated as part of a fully automated supply chain/fulfilment process.

“Our technology can be installed onboard any commercial drone and converts it to a mission aware, smart flying robot, allowing it to fly in swarms in a shared airspace with unlimited range.”

He said that the company’s cloud-based Drone Operating System connects the ever-growing variety of commercial platforms and hardware to real life business applications that allow convenient, safe, and scalable mobility. The company has signed partnerships with hardware manufacturers and operating contracts with government initiatives and paying customers in the delivery, smart agriculture, security and defence sectors.

FlightOps is connected to the cloud via 4G/5G communications and supports regulatory guidelines required to operate BVLOS, long range, multi-UAV fleets; the company’s drone delivery system is already operational, delivering medical supplies in and between hospitals in Israel.

FlighOps technology – via its sister company Simplex, has been selected by the Ministry of Transport’s NAAMA initiative (see https://www.urbanairmobilitynews.com/medical-pharmaceutical-transport/developing-story-zipline-prepares-for-medical-drone-operations-in-israel/#:~:text=The%20Israel%20Government%2Downed%20Urban,for%20a%20proposal%20on%20potential)in drone delivery trials and is currently performing delivery missions of medical supplies for the North Hospital Group, with close to 1,000 operational sorties flown. Next year FlightOps will conduct a project with a large international company, delivering goods in the wider Tel Aviv area.

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