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Drones fly medical supplies to Israel hospital

Last week, drones carrying hospital supplies landed at Ziv Medical Centre in Northern Israel, reports euronews.com. This is part of a trial being run by the company Simplex C2 in co-operation with the Centre.

Shay Levy, CEO of Simplex C2, said, “The trial is unique because we installed a computer into an off-the-shelf regular drone and converted it into a smart robot that is able to fly with other craft in the same airspace.”

As world countries grapple with a second Covid-19 wave, the need to transport medical supplies and tests from one location to another has never been more important. The flights do not require contact between people and follow the social distancing guidelines. During the trials Coronavirus tests and other medical supplies were flown up to a distance of 5 km. There are plans to expand the trials by deploying drones to carry heavier cargo.

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(News Source: https://www.euronews.com)

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