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Russian company Hoversurf close to launching air drone ambulance

Hoversurf is an UAM technology company based in Russia who introduced its initial hover bike model at the Dubai Air Show in 2019.

The company uses an electric fan with multiple blades that are mounted inside a duct or shroud to power their craft. This works by drawing up air creating a thrust and thus the hover motion.

This solution allows you to reduce the weight and complexity of the design. The main problem of an electric fan is low efficiency, but Hoversurf has been able to increase power by changing the ring fairing.

The company’s new air ambulance has two hover engines with a speed of up to 250 km/h that allows the ambulance to fly from one end of a city to another within five minutes. The charged battery is sufficient to cover a minimum of three flights. The average charge time is four hours. The ambulance is unmanned, therefore, besides the medics and patient, no pilot is needed. The universal interior of the UAV will have one seat and a stretcher with the potential of additional cargo. The craft has a load capability of 600 lbs.

The device is able to navigate around an urban environment in unmanned mode, recognizing obstacles, communicating with other aircraft and create an optimal route using artificial intelligence and 5G networks.

The company’s range of air motorcycles and vehicles take off and land in standard parking lots, so there is no need to build a specialist infrastructure.

Flights tests have already been conducted on 1:10 scale models. A full-size prototype will be tested this month. The air ambulance could be available on the market during 2021.

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