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“Market for commercial drones stronger than eVTOLs” – latest CIVATAglobal review of sector forecast

Industry forecasters are continuing to offer widely different views of the scale and predicted growth rate of the commercial UAV sector, according to the latest Industry Monitor, published by CIAVATAglobal, the Civil Air Transport Association. But the small UAS market, based on the latest forecast-of-forecasts, is predicted to grow at an average of 25.8% compound annual growth rate over the next few years, slightly down on the 27.7% average recorded in the July 2021 report.

Urban air mobility (UAM) markets will grow at a compound annual growth rate of between 13.5% and 27.3% over the next ten to fifteen years.

“Our industry monitor looks at what the market experts are forecasting and averages their percentage growth rates,” said Philip Butterworth-Hayes, director of communications and strategy at the association. “The market for commercial drone operations looks stronger than the eVTOL sector, which is surprising, especially considering the billions of dollars of investment and orders recorded by eVTOL manufacturers.”

“What this suggests it that forecasters are more confident and optimistic in predicting the drone sector, which now several years of data on commercial users and their plans than the UAM market, which is still something of an unknown quantity.”

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