Market analysis

“Market for commercial drones stronger than eVTOLs” – latest CIVATAglobal review of sector forecast

Industry forecasters are continuing to offer widely different views of the scale and predicted growth rate of the commercial UAV sector, according to the latest Industry Monitor, published by CIAVATAglobal, the Civil Air Transport Association. […]

Air taxis and personal transports

CORUS-XUAM eVTOL to fly between Swedish cities in 3Q22 to demonstrate U-space services

The European CORUS-XUAM research project has announced a demonstration in Sweden due to take place in October 2022. Consortium members plan to conduct an autonomous intercity flight of 52 km between Linköping and Norrköping as […]

Jobs and appointments

Skyports is advertising for several managerial roles to support UK vertiport activities

The UK-based Development Manager will be responsible for assembling design teams, managing design development, overseeing contractor procurement and appointment, value engineering, managing the design and construction team. The UK-based Vertiports Conops Manager will be responsible for developing our […]

Jobs and appointments

Vacancy for an Air Mobility System Engineer to support Airbus UAM/UTM activities in Germany

Airbus is searching for an Air Mobility System Engineer to support the company’s U-Space and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) activities based in Munich, Germany. The role is part of the start-up-like entity Airbus Urban Mobility […]